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“Every man must die, Jon Snow. But first he must live.”

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"I’ve really tried to understand the Israelis. I used to work on a farm in Israel. I speak Hebrew. I watch their news. All the time they talk about fear. How they have to run to their bunkers to hide from the rockets. How their children can’t sleep because of the sirens. This is not a good way for them to live. We Palestinians don’t talk about fear, we talk about death. Our rockets scare them; their rockets kill us. We have no bomb shelters, we have no sirens, we have nowhere we can take our children and keep them safe. They are scared. We are dying." Mohammed al-Khoudry a Palestinian farmer in Gaza.  (via ontologie)

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"You remember too much,
my mother said to me recently.

Why hold onto all that? And I said,
Where can I put it down?"
Anne Carson, from “The Glass Essay

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[lab-uh-rin-thin, -theen]"

(adjective) Considered one of the most beautiful words in English for its composoition and aesthetic value; it looks and sounds beautiful. 

  1. of, pertaining to, or resembling a labyrinth. A labyrinth is an intricate combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult to find one’s way or to reach the exit. synonyms: maze, network, web. 
  2. complicated; tortuous: the labyrinthine byways of modern literature.

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"It might be possible that the world itself is without meaning." Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway 

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